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"Working with Dr. Joy Macci at the Kellogg Leadership Symposium was a great pleasure. From the beginning, Dr. Joy was so inspiring and professional. She delivered her powerful Inner Winner Leadership – Innergetic Intelligence™ Training with her normal zeal…getting many high ratings from the audience. I highly recommend Dr. Joy as your next speaker."

jeff king
Jeff King

Partner/Founder – MSG Consulting
Northwestern University
Kellogg School of Management

Delatorro McNeal II, MS, CSP recommends Dr. Joy

"Dr. Joy Macci is INCREDIBLE! As a fellow peer in the Peak Performance space, I am honored to recommend the amazing Joy Macci to you and/or your organization when you are looking for someone who will create change and transformation and do it with a high spirit of quality and excellence. Her story is powerful, her results-driven content is sound, and her commitment to high-energy delivery is unmistakable. The reason way top speakers like Les Brown and myself recommend Dr. Joy is because she's simply one of the best."

Delatorro McNeal, II, MS, CSP

Main Platform Keynote Speaker
Presentation Skills Expert
DISC Behavior Specialist

"I’ve seen Dr. Macci energize and motivate large audiences. And I’ve seen her inspire participants in leadership development sessions. She is exceedingly effective at both. I highly recommend her."

Tom Bath
Thomas Bath

VP North American Sales
OpenConnect Systems

"Dr. Joy is a fireball of energy! She was the keynote speaker at our 2017 USTA/USPTA Texas Annual Conference awards banquet and her enthusiasm and knowledge is off the charts! Her “Inner Winner Leadership” presentation was powerful and flawless! She has a unique quality of fun and professionalism about her that is rare to find in a speaker these days!"

Mike Carter
Mike Carter

Director of Community & Shared Services
United States Tennis Association (USTA-Texas)

"No other Motivational Speaker, Coach or Book captures the “Dynamics of Personal Development” with such power and authenticity. “Serendipity of SUCCESS” is truly a treasure and Dr. Joy Macci is Number One in my own Personal Hall of Fame of Heroes."

Scott DeGarmo

Former Publisher & Editor in Chief
SUCCESS Magazine

"Dr. Joy helps people get out of their heads and step into their greatness."

Les Brown

World’s #1 Motivational Speaker
Corporate Trainer & Best Selling Author

"If you are looking for an outstanding speaker that talks about the key to success in life you need to bring Joy in! She is dynamic, uplifting and has a message that resonates with every industry and every person. She is a person of strong faith and strong ethics that brings out the best in all of us. Joy without a doubt is a joy!"

Stu Schlackman

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
Sales Coach and Consultant

"Joy's commitment to your SUCCESS is powerful and real. Her approach is results-oriented and life-changing. Nothing beats getting up and getting on with it and Joy inspires you to do just that. She is dedicated, experienced and uses tools that are uniquely motivating."

David Tyreman-Garcia
David Tyreman-Garcia

World Famous Brander

"Dr. Joy Macci is innovative, creative and entertaining in her approach to professional speaking, business and life. I’ve hired and watched Dr. Joy speak at numerous conferences/events and she’s a game-changer…a high-energy expert that captivates, inspires and empowers audiences to peak performance results! I highly recommend Dr. Joy as a speaker for your next event."

Craig Bell
Craig Bell

VP North American Sales
OpenConnect Systems

"Dr. Joy was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was willing to take risks with our association to deliver unique learning opportunities and embraced the process from start to finish. She is a true professional that listens to your needs and delivers results to your attendees. I very much enjoyed working with her."

marsha flanagan
Marsha Flanagan

M.Ed., Vice President
Learning Experiences, IAEE

"Joy is an engaging, energetic speaker who shares her passion of serving others and helping people see the best in themselves. She spoke recently at Careers in Motion and we had more positive comments about the impact of her message. Dr. Joy, thanks for making a difference!"

DeWitt Ray
DeWitt Ray

Managing Director
Commerce Street Capitalder

"If you are looking for a world-class speaker...Joy Macci is the real deal!!! I met Joy through National Speakers Association (NSA). She is dynamic, personable empowered to help others SUCCEED at the highest level. Her accomplishments as a speaker, author, and as a business professional are remarkable, but most importantly her programs, services, and speeches GET RESULTS!"

Dave Hill

DaveHillSpeaks LLC

"No other book, author or motivational speaker captures the dynamics of personal growth with such power and authenticity. Serendipity of SUCCESS is truly a treasure, and Joy Macci is Number One in my own personal Hall of Fame of Heroes.

Through terrible pain and difficulties, she has come to understand the most valuable lesson life has to teach: that we can take our misfortunes- and hers were indeed devastating - and turn them into launching pads for success.

Amazing as it may seem, you will no sooner start reading this book than you'll start finding yourself grateful for the obstacles, hardships, and suffering that life has handed you. Like Joy, you'll see how your experiences will lead you to a Personal Hidden Treasure. Whoever you are, it will help you love life with a passion, and treasure every second you are alive.

If you have ever suffered a loss of any kind, you will learn about bouncing back. Yet, there is much more here than mere empathy and understanding. Like the disciplined and successful athlete, model, speaker and entrepreneur she is and has been, the author provides a highly effective system that will help you pull through every challenge."

Scott DeGarmo

Former Publisher & Editor in Chief
SUCCESS Magazine

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