"Serendipity of SUCCESS" Watch Video

"This book shows you the simple step by step system the Superstars use to Win and how YOU TOO can get to the Winner's Circle in Sports, Fitness, Business and Life!!!. No other book or author captures the dynamics of personal growth with such power and authenticity. "Serendipity of Success" is truly a treasure, and Joy Macci is Number One in my own personal Hall of Fame of heroes. Scott DeGarmo, Former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief SUCCESS Magazine.
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"Enjoy: Luxury of Life" Watch Video

Come join us on an exciting journey through countries and continents, unveiling the amazing charitable endeavors currently underway, and discover your personal mission to become a Global Giver. Enjoy the delightful tale of "Alexander's Royal Journey" and learn the Secret Keys to Global Giving and how to pass them on. Be introduced to the Luxury of Life Global Giving Hall of Fame, which showcases philanthropic Legacy Leaders, including Andrew Carnegie, Princess Diana, and Paul Newman, as well as Global Giving business ambassadors who have mastered the Secret Keys and are changing the world.
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"SUCCESS Stretch" - Sports Yoga Video Watch Video

is a unique conditioning system that combines the best of yoga, sports stretch, fitness, mental training, dance and relaxation all in one powerful session. "SUCCESS Stretch" greatly enhances your sports performances in all areas by increasing your strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and focus while decreasing your mental and emotional stress and physical injuries. I took 10 strokes off my Golf game in only a couple of months with "SUCCESS Stretch". This system really works. Charles Butler, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, Rancho Sante Fe, California.
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